Maintenance as a service includes technical inspections, preventive maintenance, machinery repairing, and licensed guarantee repairs. With on-time maintenance your equipment works perfectly and their lifetime increases. We offer maintenance contracts for our clients. Waldec is an official representative, so warranties remain valid after the maintenance and repairs have been made.

Lifetime service

The complete production lifetime services include maintaining your machinery and equipment and providing you with accurate machine information throughout the lifetime of the machine. Whether you have the need to upgrade the production or need a machine to manufacture specific products we will find the right solutions. Our educated and up-to-date professionals are here to help you in any situation.


We provide new machinery installations with physical installations on-site and getting them ready for use as a turnkey solution. We test drive the machinery and train your personnel to operate them safely and on an optimal level. The installation service includes machine installations as a whole and also all sorts of failure inspections and diagnostics.


Our professionals have the official equipment to find and interpret the failures and diagnostics. We also provide data-based machine and production optimization services.

Guarantee service

We are responsible for the warranty of the machine together with the principal. Our guarantee services include warranty maintenance and spare part deliveries. With one-stop tactic, we easily handle all product and equipment warranty issues. Waldec is the official representative and has the authority to make warranty maintenances.

Machine relocation

When you need to relocate your machinery inside a production plant or to an external site we can do it for you! We can relocate almost any sized machines and to assure relocations we have up-to-date insurances that cover if anything were to happen to your machinery.


We train your staff to operate the machinery whether the employee is new to the factory or your current staff needs to be updated to new features or more optimized use. We offer regular and on-demand training sessions.The basic training includes for example safety training and basic machinery maintenance training.


We take care of machine calibration all through the lifecycle of the machine, so your machinery stays continuously efficient at the optimal level. Regular calibration is vital to the operation of machines, production accuracy, and manufacturing. With a calibrated machine, you can manufacture the right products, with the right dimensions and parameters.

Customized solutions

When ever you need something customized, you have special requests, or a new solution, just contact our professionals. We provide our customers specific applications that meet the desired requirements precisely. Your need can be a solution for present or future market needs and we want to help you to achieve your goals. We also offer consulting and proposing solutions based on our professionals’ long-standing expert knowledge. We dare to say that we understand the markets and we find the perfect solutions for any application you need.

Software (Metalix)

Metalix software supports the whole production life cycle. It includes importing all standard formats of 2D and 3D designs and employing a divese range of processing technologies for sheet metal products. Possibility of generating NC code for almost all machines in the market.

The software is easy to learn, simple to use, and it speaks over twenty languages. Driven by thorough understanding of technology constraints, the solutions optimize material usage and production time. Metalix is in continuous contact with local and international end users, responding rapidly to clients needs by developing custom solutions as required.

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