Kolver S.r.l.

Founded in 1989, the Italian company KOLVER Srl, soon took leadership in the European market of precision electric screwdrivers for the industry. Thousands of state-of-the-art drivers are produced every year and shipped to more than 30 countries worldwide. Product innovation, rigorous respect for our earth, and fast, accurate service have been the key factors of the company’s success.

KOLVER’S product line conforms to the prestigious audit authority ISO 9001:2015 Quality System Standard. The increasing number of happy customers continue to favor KOLVER screwdrivers for their reliability, accuracy and safety. Furthermore, they consume little energy, are quiet and pollution-free, yet powerful tools built to last. Their quality will help you stay ahead of your competition.

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Available in: Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania


Pluto Hand-held Screwdrivers

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FAB and RAF Screwdrivers

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NATO and MITO Screwdrivers

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EDU Control Units

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