Rivi Magnetics

Rivi Magnetics specializes in the manufacture of magnetic chucks and plates designed for the clamping of molds and fixtures for the plastics, rubber and machine tool industries.

The company was founded in Sassuolo, Italy by Giovanni Rivi in 1968. They started with the production of the TAURUS system, which repaired dies using magnetic plates. The company focused specifically on the ceramic market and later came up with a new patented system called the GEMINI. GEMINI is a quick and safe clamping system of moulds for Elastomers and Thermosetting on injection and compression presses.

Continuous research and development led to the creation of the LION range with similar safety and reliability features to the GEMINI. It is used for fixing dies in industries working with the transformation of thermoplastic material. Rivi Magnetics has hundreds of different installations in the thermosetting and thermoplastic sectors not to mention in the ceramic sector, in which it has been the indisputable leader for more than twenty years.

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