Threading Units

Available in: Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania

For more than 20 years on the market, patented and sold all over the world, the mechanical threading unit designed and manufactured by Meclostampi holds within itself a variety of qualities which allow its use in a simple, reliable and, above all, economic way in all those applications where threading operations is required in the stamping cycle. Meclostampi’s threading unit is currently exported to more than 25 countries in the world and approved by all major car manufacturers.

Main strength is direct and daily experience in using these units in their stamping department; thanks to this the reliability level, as well as their threading units performances, have reached remarkable standards. Meclostampi’s technical office is always available to support customers in tool design suggesting the most appropriate threading solution, taking into consideration any specific requirements and employment conditions.

Standard Models

  • MM 24 threading capacity from M2 to M4
  • MM 56 threading capacity from M5 to M6
  • MM 68 threading capacity from M6 to M8
  • MM 816 threading capacity from M8 to M16

Special Models

  • MM 28 threading capacity from M2 to M8 with orientable tooth rack and double effect pneumatic chucking device for horizontal or inclined threading.
  • MM 25 threading capacity from M2 to M5 with minimum wheelbase of 25 mm. between threads.

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