Training Week at SafanDarley

Last week our technical sales representative, Kristjan, flew to the city of Lochem in the Netherlands to attend SafanDarley’s training week. The training week was held two different SafanDarley factories to give a broad overview of all of their machines. One of the factories is located in Lochem and the other one in Eijsden, which is located 200 km south of Lochem.

The first three days of training were held at the factory where E-brake press brakes and shears are manufactured. Kristjan does not have prior experience of selling SafanDarley machines, so he found the training very informative. Now, he has a good understanding of the structure of the machines and their control units.

The training continued at Wila’s brand new automated press brake tooling factory, also located in Lochem. There Kristjan had the opportunity to see the latest updates of the tools. Wila and Safan share an over 50 year long history together. Before, when the company was just called Safan, they made a trading agreement together and their partnership continues still today.

Kristjan spent the last day of training at SafanDarley’s factory in Eijsden where they manufacture hydraulic and hybrid press brakes. It was fascinating to see all the different machines and tools, and to get to know the people working for the company. The training week was organized very well and Kristjan took a lot of pictures and videos to remember the trip by. 5/5 🙂

Here we are getting acquainted by the E-Brake 130T Ultra.
SafanDarley training
Getting to know the modern M-Shear 3006.
Watching how the E-Brake 50T Ultra works.
SafanDarley training
Making a cone.
The end result.
The E-Brake 200T Ultra in action.