Training week at REP

This week our technicians/sales representatives Jan-Sebastian, Arnoldas and Vitali flew to Corbas, France. Together with Plastics Bavaria they attended REP’s training in the use and maintenance of REP injection presses. Waldec attends trainings regularly, because we want to ensure we have up-to-date knowledge about the machines and products we represent.

Our technicians really enjoyed their time in Corbas. The trip was especially important for our newest technician Vitali, because it was his first time at REP’s factory. Today they are flying back home with their heads filled with information about the installation, start-up, maintenance, support of REP injection presses.

We are proud to represent REP in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. REP is not only famous for high-quality machines and products, but also for premium service and excellent training. As an agent we strive to maintain the reputation of our principals by providing knowledgeable, reliable and friendly customer service!