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Tube bending

Supplier: Flecte S.r.l.
Available in: Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

Flecte tube bending solutions can be used in many different industries, for example aeronautics, automotive, heat exchange, plumbing, navy or general fittings. Each sector has its own unique requirements for tubes and pipe bending.

Flecte innovate every step of the way for:

  • streamlined structural mechanical projection;
  • easy to use interfaces for software, hardware and 3D simulation;
  • aesthetically designed in response to production criteria and market analysis.

This synergy allows to Flecte to create a unique bending machine line with high performance levels and highly competitive market prices.

Full electric tube bending

  • multiple stacks
  • 9 CNC axis
  • for a variety of tube profiles with mandrel and roll bending

VEX 259
VEX 459

Hybrid tube bending

  • single stack
  • 3, 4 or 5 CNC axis
  • for a variety of tube profiles with mandrel or roll bending

VEX 453
VEX 454
VEX 455
VEX 655
VEX 905

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