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Welcome Heikki Lohilahti!

January 12, 2022
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Heikki Lohilahti joins Waldec Group as Sales and Administration Coordinator

The Finnish and Scandinavian teams are excited to welcome Heikki Lohilahti as their new Sales and Administration Coordinator in Espoo. He is a language enthusiast and an experienced administrative professional rolled into one. 

Heikki is a true polyglot: he can communicate fluently in six different languages including Finnish, English, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and German. He picked up Norwegian, Danish, and German while studying and working for several years abroad. For the past three years he has lived in Switzerland. Heikki is a social and positive person and being able to speak to people in their native tongue, made living abroad a much more fun experience. It is also a skill that businesses like ours highly appreciate! 

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Heikki started wanting to move back to his home country Finland to live closer to his parents and siblings. He searched for job opportunities and was intrigued by the Waldec Group company profile. He wanted to challenge himself by joining a small, but rapidly expanding company. We were happy to hear that already during the interview process, he was impressed by his future colleagues and wanted to join our talented team. 

We are also impressed by how quickly Heikki has learned the ropes and how perfectly he fits the team. His previous work experience from the consumer electronics and the custom engineering industries have come in useful. Moreover, has a genuine interest in what we do. He is excited by the opportunities to build his career within the company in the future. 

After working on the computer all day, Heikki likes to decompress by spending a lot of his free time outdoors. He usually plans his hiking routes in advance, and on his days off he chooses one depending on how challenging they are. His hobbies also include cycling and reading. Occasionally, he reads several books in a row. He enjoys reading books in different languages to help maintain and improve his vocabulary. 
We are thrilled to have Heikki on our team and we look forward to a productive and long-lasting relationship!