Welcome Roberts Vecums-Veco!

We are thrilled to introduce the newest addition to the Waldec Group family! Roberts brings a unique blend of experience, skills, and passion to our dynamic team. He will be joining as Technical sales in Latvia.

He describes himself as cost-effective, and purposeful. Having worked across various fields, he has honed the ability to adapt quickly to new circumstances and challenges. Their recent pursuit? Seeking new and exciting opportunities in a dynamic work environment—making Waldec Group the perfect fit.

In the last five years, he has delved deep into the manufacturing industry, tackling technical equipment problems with finesse. This hands-on experience extends beyond the professional realm; in their spare time, he has a passion for buying, repairing, and selling classic cars. This hobby not only fuels his technical curiosity but also sharpens his problem-solving skills—traits that will undoubtedly benefit our team.

With experience spanning management, and industrial production, Roberts brings a wealth of knowledge to Waldec Group, he has also earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.

When asked why he chose Waldec Group, he highlighted our international presence and rapid development. Roberts is particularly drawn to our ambitious goals and strategic plans, aligning perfectly with his own aspirations for growth and success.

At Waldec Group, Roberts looks forward to a professional environment filled with opportunities for growth. His goal is to contribute meaningfully to our projects while continuously developing their skills and expertise.

Outside of work, Roberts is an avid sailor, enjoying the freedom and challenge of navigating various sailboats. He is also passionate about cooking and, unsurprisingly, he continues to indulge in his love for classic cars by maintaining and repairing them. On days off, you’ll likely find Roberts cycling with his family, enjoying quality time together.

Join us in welcoming Roberts to Waldec Group! We are excited to see the ideas and enthusiasm he will bring to our team. Here’s to new beginnings and shared successes!

Roberts at the Waldec Latvia office