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Horizontal bending machine

Supplier: Stierli-Bieger AG
Available in: Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania

With its various tool solutions, the Stierli bending machine is very versatile. Its open design provides plenty of advantages for manufacturing bent parts, metalworking and straightening work. As a universal bending machine and straightening machine, the Stierli metal benders are used in numerous industries and for both single part/small series production and series manufacturing. Various 1- or 2 axis control concepts, including manual bending machines and powerful CNC bending machines, provide the operator with optimal support in the production process.

Models of horizontal metal bending machines

Horizontal bending machines with manual control system

The bending program will be created by the operator. Corrections of angles and back gauge (length stop) during the bending process are possible.

The bending program will be created fully automatically by entering the angle and the leg length. Incl. material and tooling library (as with a modern vertical press brake)

Same as CNC-W, but with additional active angle measuring during the bending process, incl. automatic correction (autom. rebending)


  • Larger and wider working table
  • Long cylinder stroke with large insertion width
  • Robust machine design
  • High repeat accuracy
  • Very strong cylinder guiding system
  • Precise, enclosed working table
  • Movable with pallet lift truck or crane
  • Little space required
  • Compact, flexible and robust quality tools
  • Quick-change tool system
  • Universal application
  • High bending output (up to 600 bends/hour)
  • Technical advantages and cost benefits over vertical press brakes
  • Cost-effective purchase in terms of uses and service life
  • Easy loading of the workpieces
  • User-friendly control

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