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Hydraulic Press Brakes

Supplier: SafanDarley B.V.
Available in: Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania

Thanks to the many improved specifications and newly designed components, the new generation SafanDarley H-Brake delivers an extremely fast and reliable production performance and the highest quality. In addition, the new H-Brake offers pioneering options for an environmentally-friendly production process, which is unique in the heavy-duty hydraulic segment.

The SafanDarley H-Brake ranges from 175 tons to 1250 tons in pressing force and varies in bending lengths from 3100 mm to 6220 mm. Outside this selection of standard machines, SafanDarley offers a wide range of customer-specific solutions. 

Easy control using Touch-controls
For the new H-Brake range, you can choose from either our newly developed E-Control or the existing Delem controls, giving you more flexibility. This allows you to fully integrate the H-Brake line into your existing production environment. Both E-Control and the Delem controls are state-of-the-art, each with their own unique focus.

Wide range modular backgauge
An important innovation in the SafanDarley H-Brake is the modular backgauge. It ensures a high level of flexibility and diversity. Depending on which version of the basic model you get, the backgauge can be easily upgraded even after you have started using the machine.
The wide range of options allows you to customize the backgauge configuration to fi t your personal needs. It is hugely important that you end up with a backgauge that meets all of your requirements.


  • H-Brake Tandem
  • H-Brake Hybrid 110T-1600 Premium
  • H-Brake HD 500-1250T Ultra
  • H-Brake 175-400T Ultra
  • H-Brake Hybrid 110-170T Ultra

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