New Standard Crowning Tool Holder

Supplier: WILA B.V.
Available in: Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania

WILA Crowning systems fully compensate for the deflection in press brakes. This results in a consistent bending angle across the entire length of the machine. WILA New Standard Crowning Systems utilize  a  series of patented adjustable wedges known as Wila Waves.

New Standard Crowning Systems are based on the WILA Wave System. This opposing wave technology automatically supports dies across the length of the press brake. The different  angles built into the waves automatically compensate for machine deflection from a single adjustment point. Lateral adjustments are also possible for correcting machine and tooling tolerances at specific locations.


  • Always provides an extremely consistent bending angle
  • Available with automatic or manual drive systems
  •  Mounted on the right-hand side as standard
  • Localized adjustments provided for compensation for machine tolerances along the Tx axis
  • Aluminum Cover strip with integrated slide rule for exact tool positioning
  • Compact design which is practically maintenance free

New Standard Premium Crowning

State of the art crowning technology with a fully integrated clamping system

  • The ultimate in accuracy, performance and durability
  • High workload capacity
  • All load bearing and clamping surfaces are fully CNC-Deephardened® (ca. 56 HRC)
  • Guaranteed long term performance and maximum precision
  • Hydraulically or manually operated
  • Featuring WILA Wave technology and adjustment along the  Tx and Ty axis

New Standard Pro Crowning

A high quality economical alternative with WILA’s quality

  • Functionally comparable with our New StandardWILA-symbol Premium Crowning Systems, without hardened load bearing and clamping surfaces to reduce cost
  • Featuring WILA Wave technology and Tx/Ty axis correction
  • Available with hydraulic or manual clamping
  • Great value for the investment

New Standard Bottom Tool Holders

Ideal for press brakes which do not require a crowing system, or for press brakes with a crowning system already incorporated into the lower beam. Compact design and fully integrated clamping system for bottom tools. Available with hydraulic or manual clamping.

New Standard Premium Bottom Tool Holder

Precision ground for a high-quality finish, highest precision and maximum life.

  • High degree of accuracy, ease of use and adjustment options
  • Continued high clamping performance
  • All pressure and reference surfaces are fully CNC-Deephardened® (approximately 56° HRC)
  • In the long term a high level of performance and precision guaranteed
  • Hydraulic or Manual Clamping
  • Bottom tools can be inserted from both sides.
  • Equipped with Tx / Ty correction
  • Load-bearing capacity up to 300 ton/meter (with a minimum tool width of 40 mm)

New Standard Pro Bottom Tool Holder

Available in a large variety of models and lengths and are offered at a very appealing price/quality ratio.

  • Hardened Clamping pins apply individual pressure on segmented single V-tools as small as 15 mm.
  • Bottom tools can be inserted from both sides.
  • Manufactured from high-quality tool steel.
  • Load-bearing capacity of up to 200 ton/Meter (with a minimum tool width of 45 mm).

Copyright: WILA