Carbon Black is the new black

The importance of long-lasting and deep-colored products with a longer lifespan is becoming more and more important for product manufacturers. 

Carbon black is such a vital component. Carbon black is used very widely in all kinds of industries, as a reinforcing filler in tires or giving the pigment for black plastic products. Basically, you would have already used something involving carbon black during today! It’s quite crazy if you really think about it. 

Pure carbon black can be thought of as a fine black powder, composed primarily of elemental carbon. It is determined by the partial burning and pyrolysis of low-value oil residues under controlled process conditions at high temperatures.  

Carbon black is used manufacturing in several different ways, but one of the main uses is to strengthen rubber in tires and other rubber products. In fact, around 70% of whole worlds production of carbon black is used in these. One of the key reasons for this is that carbon black helps conduct heat away from the tread and belt area of the tire, which will then reduce thermal damage and increase the tire lifespan. 

Besides acting as a pigment, a UV stabilizer and a conductive or insulating agent in rubber and plastic, carbon black can also be found in inks, paints, and coatings. As carbon black act as a good conductor of electricity, it is used in various applications for electronics. Other common uses of carbon black include hoses, conveyor belts, plastics, printing inks and automotive coatings. Another good feature of carbon black its antistatic properties. 

The basic features of carbon black govern how the product performs in a variety of applications. These features are particle size, structure, porosity, surface chemistry or surface activity and physical form. 

How to get it?

To be able to full fill our customers’ needs to achieve their goals, we have added to our portfolio in Nordic & Baltic countries carbon black, which is especially suitable for the rubber industry. Our sales will share you all the needed information and help you out, feel free to contact us any time!