Industrial refrigeration systems

Boe-Therm has a large program of industrial refrigeration systems. The program consist of of standard coolers up to 50 kW and customer-specific solutions up to 2,000 kW. BOE-THERM has been developing and manufacturing industrial refrigeration systems for many years. BOE-THERM DTE 1.0 – 50.5 KW contains the following components: Pipe coil heat exchanger (evaporator) madeRead more 🢒

Welcome Janis Gulbis!

The team is excited to welcome Janis Gulbis as their new Technical Sales Representative. With 15 years of experience in sales, we are sure he will be a great asset to our growing company! He is highly skilled at building and maintaining customer relationships by understanding their business needs and providing solutions. Janis describes himselfRead more 🢒

Visual Inspection Machine

Automatic inspection machine – Artificial vision systems for inspection and control New simplified machine for quality control of your pieces. The pieces are managed and manipulated with reduced shocks and visible along the entire linear path. In Line Air – automatic belt inspection machine TYPE OF PIECES Elastomers, rubber, plastic, rigid materials, co-molded CONTROLLED PARTS O-rings, TechnicalRead more 🢒

Pusher Furnace – System 340

Codere’s pusher furnaces are furnaces with horizontal metal muffle and integrated water quench tank for treatments under protective atmosphere. The part are loaded in baskets into the furnace with atmosphere conditioning and very rapid heat-up time. This machine is especially suitable for parts with long sections. Suitable for: copper gold aluminium titanium platinum alloy steelsRead more 🢒

Bell Furnace – SYSTEM 250/251

Semi/Full Automatic or Manual bell furnace CODERE’s modular bell-furnance has stations separated functionally and direct quenching transfer. The quench transfer system for loading from the furnace to the tank is carried out by simply sliding the load without any hooking mechanism. Furnace-quench tank transfer time is less than 15 seconds. Integration of various quenching optionsRead more 🢒

Hardening Automate – System 280

Codere’s bell furnace with metal muffle and integrated water quench tank is for treatments under protective atmosphere. The parts are loaded in baskets into the furnace with atmosphere conditioning and very rapid heat-up time. Suitable for: copper gold platinum aluminium titanium alloy treatments. The transfer from the heating chamber to the cooling unit is carriedRead more 🢒

Conveyor Belt Furnace – Type 300

Codere’s conveyor belt is a furnace with horizontal metal muffle fitted. It heats and cools work-pieces under protective atmosphere. Specifications: Maximum working temperature: 1150°C High uniformity of treatment Heat-up time and conditionning atmosphere very fast Especially suitable for stainless steel and copper and gold alloy treatments Copyright: Codere

Small Parts Coating Machine

Alges´ barrel paint machines are very versatile and adaptable to the customer’s needs. PAINT ATEX Barrel coating machine for semi-permanent or permanent coating, with painting gun, of small pieces in metals, plastics and rubbers with glues and paints based on water or solvent and lacquers. Including pre-heater of the pieces before painting and also afterRead more 🢒

Alges Robot and Automation

Alges´ Robot and Automation quality machines stand for versatility and are aimed at all industrial sectors. The simplicity of the machines make them optimal in the excecution of elementary functions or in the creation of specific ecuipment, both in new application and in restructing of existing processes. Alges’ team specializes in: End line construction fromRead more 🢒

Packaging machine

Packaging machines for rubber parts: O-rings or rubber gaskets Alges’ packaging machines are suitable for O-Rings, cutting rings and rubber seals. The machines come in various sizes and are flexible by adapting perfectly to the customer’s needs. The products can be stacked simply or stacked and packaged with film. They can also be inserted inRead more 🢒