Waldec at K2022 & EuroBLECH

EuroBLECH came to an end last Friday and so the busy 3 weeks of fairs for our team. Waldec visited both K 2022 and EuroBLECH, not this time with our own stands, but instead joining our suppliers at theirs. It was great to meet both new and familiar faces and to be able to participateRead more 🢒

Waldec at K 2022!

Come meet our team and our suppliers at K 2022 from the 19th to the 26th of October in Düsseldorf, Germany! Waldec will not have our own stand this time, but will join our suppliers Covestro Elastomer, REP International, Repi , Brandenburger Isoliertechnik, and Labtech in presenting their innovations and high-class products. You can find us at theRead more 🢒

Welding consumables

EWM offers welding consumables for every welding task. With solid and cored wire electrodes, stick electrodes and welding rods, they cover everything that a welder needs to do his work. All welding consumables are optimally coordinated with the EWM welding machines, and therefore contribute to achieving a perfect welding result. MIG/MAG Certified quality for limitlessRead more 🢒

Welding accessories

In addition to powerful machines, the EWM product line also includes high-value welding wire and other welding accessories. As a result, we they can offer an extensive range of accessories, from cutting and oxy-acetylene technology to workshop components and protective and safety equipment. Workshop equipment No detail is too small when it comes to optimisingRead more 🢒

Welding machines

EWM welding machines offer a technological advantage in all welding procedures. This is characterised by a high level of efficiency, conservation of resources, and sustainability when welding. Regardless of the welding process – whether you’re looking for MIG/MAG electrodes, plasma, or TIG welding machines – EWM’s range of high-quality, user-friendly welding technology products leaves nothingRead more 🢒

Automated welding

Use cutting-edge welding technology in an automated system and gain even greater financial advantages with the innovative processes that only come with EWM’s welding machines. Combined with the comprehensive, optimally matched accessories, you will obtain perfect, high-quality results at a low cost when carrying out automated welding. Complete systems with robots Modular complete systems thatRead more 🢒

Industrial refrigeration systems

Boe-Therm has a large program of industrial refrigeration systems. The program consist of of standard coolers up to 50 kW and customer-specific solutions up to 2,000 kW. BOE-THERM has been developing and manufacturing industrial refrigeration systems for many years. BOE-THERM DTE 1.0 – 50.5 KW contains the following components: Pipe coil heat exchanger (evaporator) madeRead more 🢒

Welcome Janis Gulbis!

The team is excited to welcome Janis Gulbis as their new Technical Sales Representative. With 15 years of experience in sales, we are sure he will be a great asset to our growing company! He is highly skilled at building and maintaining customer relationships by understanding their business needs and providing solutions. Janis describes himselfRead more 🢒

Visual Inspection Machine

Automatic inspection machine – Artificial vision systems for inspection and control New simplified machine for quality control of your pieces. The pieces are managed and manipulated with reduced shocks and visible along the entire linear path. In Line Air – automatic belt inspection machine TYPE OF PIECES Elastomers, rubber, plastic, rigid materials, co-molded CONTROLLED PARTS O-rings, TechnicalRead more 🢒

Pusher Furnace – System 340

Codere’s pusher furnaces are furnaces with horizontal metal muffle and integrated water quench tank for treatments under protective atmosphere. The part are loaded in baskets into the furnace with atmosphere conditioning and very rapid heat-up time. This machine is especially suitable for parts with long sections. Suitable for: copper gold aluminium titanium platinum alloy steelsRead more 🢒