Labtech Engineering Co. Ltd

The story of Labtech Engineering starts in 1983 with just a few production staff producing two roll mills, presses and mixers. Today, they have close to 300 employees producing over 600 machines per year. 

Labtech Engineering is one of the world’s largest producers of laboratory and pilot plant polymer processing machines. They manufacture two roll mills, hydraulic presses, extruders, film blowing lines, filter testers, pelletizing systems and filament lines. These machines can be used in for example small scale production, product development and quality control. Labtech Engineering’s machines are possible to scale up to bigger sizes to use in factory production lines as well. 

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Available in: Finland


Two-Roll Polymer & Rubber Mills

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Multilayer Film Blowing Lines

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Twin Screw Extruder

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Ultra Micro Lines

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3D Printer filament lines

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Hydraulic Presses

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