New role and future improvements

At Waldec Group, we are committed to continuous development and implementing new perspectives. One of our company’s cornerstones is a smooth and professional service. In order to improve and develop it, we have made changes to our staff.

Therefore, it is a joy to inform you that Mr Toni Jokinen, our salesman and technician from Finland, will start as Head of Group Technical Operations in August 2022! This new role will focus on developing our service operations and supporting our service team. Toni will continue to take care of his earlier responsibilities in the company as well.

Moreover, these changes do not happen overnight. It is a marathon, not a sprint. That’s something we’re all looking forward to!

More about Toni

First, let’s tell you a bit about Toni. He started at Waldec in 2012 as a full-time maintenance technician & technical salesman in Finland. Toni’s educational background is as an automation technician, in total he has worked as a technician for 26 years. According to Toni, his own passion towards the industry plays a very important role, which leads to independent study and knowledge gathering from different kinds of resources. He has also gained a lot of knowledge through practical work in the field, like for example hydraulics and mechanics related topics. Of course, the extensive training of our suppliers has also been a major support to him.

The new role, Head of Group Technical Operations

The majority of Toni’s future tasks will involve developing processes and supporting our technicians. The knowledge we possess in-house is an important aspect we highly value, and it is also important to share this with all our technicians. As part of Toni’s role, he will be responsible for supplier communication, what it comes to technicians’ training schedules. His duties also include passing on practical knowledge to our sales team, especially about machines and technical topics. To make our internal work more efficient and faster in the long run, Toni will be responsible for continuously improving the organisation of our service activities.

What will the future bring for us?

Toni has a clear vision of how Waldec will go about developing our service team. In the big picture, it will be important that each of our technicians has up-to-date skills and know-how. The idea is that our technicians will have a general knowledge of all the different mechanics/machinery that we supply. Each of our technicians will then specialise in the machinery of a particular supplier and receive in-depth training. Due to our extensive network of principals, it has been hard for our technicians to learn the specialised machinery of different industries. We believe this will also allow us to better focus our resources.

We are looking forward to seeing how Toni’s ideas will be used in the future and how Waldec will evolve along the way!

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