FAR S.r.l

FAR Blind Rivets

Supplier: FAR S.r.l
Available in: Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania

For 50 years FAR has been producing blind rivets in different types of materials and dimensions for more than 2000 items, from common-use rivets to those designed for more specific applications, as well as those produced based on customer’s drawings. Their production is completely manufactured and controlled in every aspect in their own plants in Bologna. This choice has enabled them to guarantee personally the quality of their products and services that have always characterized the FAR brand.

Product Types

  • Standard rivets
  • Grooved rivets
  • Coloured rivets
  • Multigrip rivets Multifar
  • Closed-end rivets
  • High performance rivets
  • Peel rivets Graf
  • And other optional products

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