Rivi Magnetics

M-Tecs M

Supplier: Rivi Magnetics
Available in: Finland

M-Tecs M magnetics system responds to all optimization requirements in the mould change process and accounts for the flexibility and customization that are required by the modern market. The mould clamping/unclamping speed (mag/demag time between 2 and 5 seconds), the superior clamping force thanks to the magnetic field (double magnet circuit), the system’s safety (all steps take place outside of the machine, SAFE SYSTEM), the ease of use (universal system), the adaptability to all kinds of metal stamping machines (customized products for all press features) and the high return on investment in the short run are the characteristics that make M-Tecs M the best and most efficient solution available on the market.


  • Ease of installation by following the layout of the existing mould holder
  • Universal applicability, no need of mould standardisation
  • No maintenance
  • Adaptability of the magnetic circuit to all customized needs
  • Structural holes for scraps ejection, T-shaped holes, holes for inserting the rollers for handling the moulds
  • Magnetic plate built in one single block
  • Superior clamping force thanks to the internal double magnet circuit
  • Even distribution of the clamping force on the whole mould surface(accounting for less wear and tear of the mould)
  • Operator’s safety during the mould change operations
  • Possibility of interface with connection among to the different elements, Plug & Play System
  • Remote controller (RC-01)

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