Rivi Magnetics

M-Tecs P

Supplier: Rivi Magnetics
Available in: Finland

M-Tecs P is a magnetic system for the quick clamping of thermoplastic molds. It can be installed on any type of injection machine operating at a temperature of up to 120°C (up to 240°C upon request). Through its three possible pole configurations (long, square, and combined), the magnetic force generated by the system is directed inside the mold to create extremely high clamping forces, even in small molds. Since the magnetic field is uniformly distributed throughout the surface, adhesion between plate and mold is perfect and complete, which significantly reduces production discards.

The systems

  • Long poles:
    • Suitable even for small moulds
    • Field concentration effect
    • Force is distributed uniformly over a large surface
  • Square poles:
    • Force can be set on each pole
    • Large force over a clearly defined surface
  • Combined poles:
    • Force set per pole is combined with great design flexibility
    • A strong force is generated, even in small areas
    • Maximizes available surfaces

The M-Tecs P magnetic system is managed by an innovative electronic control unit that meets EN 201 and EN 289 standards. The control units were designed conservatively to ensure safety by providing PLs that are sufficient for each function offered (as per En 13849-1). Reliability is much better than the level required by these stringent standards

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