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Mate Popular Special Applications

Available in: Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania

The use of forming applications allows fabricators to expand operations, increase efficiency, eliminate of secondary operations and increase machine up time. 

EasyBend™ is a tool used to create bend lines suitable for subsequent hand bending operations. EasyBend™ is ideal for intricate fabricated assemblies where conventional press brake forming techniques are inconvenient. EasyBend is quick, easy and convenient.

EasyMark’s capabilities lets you increase your turret’s potential, streamline processes and cut costs all with one very affordable tool. Fast and reliable component identification is critically important in today’s manufacturing environment. Manufacturing processes frequently take place in multiple locations.

EasySnap™ allows fabricators to simply snap punched components out of sheet metal with a clean, smooth edge. EasySnap reduces the need for slitting and micro-joints for part retention.

EasyTap Tapping System
Mate leads the punching industry with a tool system designed to produce threaded holes in previously punched or extruded holes, in all types of sheet metal. Called EasyTap™, this unique tool system extends the punching capabilities of today’s CNC punch presses by producing precisely located threaded holes at high speed, automatically and with repeatable quality. With a full array of patented* design features, the Mate EasyTap™ system is yet another major mile stone for Mate in designing and delivering innovative tooling that sets the pace for the fabricating industry. 

Mate’s patented* Enumerator™ Sequential Numbering tool allows thick turret punch press users to stamp individual components with a unique and sequential number of up to six digits long. Users can offer their customers the added value of sequential numbering for a variety of uses, including batch traceability. Incorporating sequential serial numbering capabilities will enable users to deliver added value to their products in a way that was previously impossible.

Mate HexLock™ is an innovative forming assembly engineered to provide a reliable and secure method of retaining common threaded fasteners in sheet metal.

The Mate Rollerball™ tool creates stiffening ribs and decorative beads in sheet metal parts without a secondary operation. The comprehensive kit also includes alternate configuration to produce offset forms and custom embosses.

Rollerball Deburr
The Mate Rollerball Deburr™ tool is designed for Thick Turret and Trumpf Style applications. This new tool takes advantage of Mate’s Rollerball™ technology by using the extended programming capabilities of punch presses that can operate in the x and y axis with the ram down.

Mate Sheetmarker™ is used to create markings or etchings on the surface of sheet metal. The Mate Sheetmarker™ tool is ideal for inscribing or marking components during the punch press portion of the manufacturing process.

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