Stock Magnets & Tools

Available in: Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania

Eclipse Magnetics’ range of magnetic tools, equipment and stock magnets means you too can “Work Smart with Magnets”  by overcoming everyday challenges. Applying magnetics, we offer an extensive range of magnets and magnetic aids which provides an opportunity to save time, money or improve safety in your day-to-day business.

Whether it’s a stock magnet for an OEM project, magnetic welding clamps, magnetic chucks, magnetic bases, simple magnetic workshop tools such as tool racks or swarf wands, magnetic signage or simple pot magnets we can offer a quality option.


  • Precision magnetic lifters for heavy and light engineering applications
  • Magnetic clamps for welding and fabrication
  • Magnets for holding, locking or power generation design projects
  • Magnetic Bases and Fitments for precision measurement equipment
  • Magnetic Tools for general workshop and maintenance applications
  • Magnetic Chucks for grinding and milling applications

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