Mate Precision Technologies

Thick Turret Tooling

Available in: Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania

Mate offers the most comprehensive range of thick turret tooling systems in the industry:

Ultra® Tooling
Mate’s Ultra® thick turret punching systems increase tool performance and flexibility, offer extended tool life and interchangeability with existing systems.

Original Style
Mate’s Original Style Thick Turret Tooling is fully OEM compatible tooling with several design enhancements. Premium High Speed Tool Steel is a standard feature in all Mate Thick Turret punches.

Multi Tools
Mate Ultra® Multi Tool assemblies for thick turret punch presses* make full use of the advantages of Mate UltraTEC® punches, strippers and Slug Free® dies. They provide complete compatibility with existing tooling inventory for added convenience.

Thick Turret Forming Systems
Mate offers the most comprehensive range of Thick Turret tooling systems in the industry: High Performance Ultra TEC®, convenient Ultra XT™ and the economical Original Style.

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