Mate Precision Technologies

Trumpf Style Tooling

Available in: Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania

From Mate’s high performance NEXT™ insert system, convenient Mate QuickLock™ or economy Standard Style, Mate offers a broad range of tooling for your Trumpf punch press.

NEXT – High Performance
The NEXT™ Insert Tooling System includes: Interchangeable, abrasion resistant, punch inserts. Two sizes of insert punch holders with precision orientation features. Precision ground shims which return the punch insert to the original length after 0.118(3.00) has been removed during regrinding.

QuickLock – Convenience
Mate’s QuickLock™ tooling system is for Trumpf style presses that combines the economy of conventional Trumpf style tooling with the convenience of a keyed alignment ring.

Trumpf Standard Style – Economy
Mate has earned a worldwide reputation for high quality replacement tooling made for Trumpf punch presses. This includes the full range of Trumpf style punches, dies, strippers, alignment rings, and accessories

LongLife Slitting Tool
Fully OEM compatible, Mate LongLife is the market’s slitting tool system utilizing M4PM™ tool steel. M4PM tool steel provides the highest tool performance with superior wear resistance and increased toughness, resulting in higher quality punched parts and longer tool life.

Trumpf Style Tool Cartridges
Trumpf style tool cartridges for TRUMPF® TruPunch machines offer high performance lightweight design and full OEM compatibility.

Trumpf Style Tooling with M4PM Tool Steel
Mate’s Trumpf-style tooling is even better with the superior performance and longevity of Mate’s M4PM™ tool steel.

Trumpf EasyView Colored O-Rings
Replacement EasyView O-rings are manufactured from oil resistant butyl rubber for years of service life. Available in five distinct colors for optimum differentiation, and conveniently packaged for maximum convenience of two sizes for Trumpf style Size 1 and Size 2 dies.

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