Introducing our new CEO: Henrik Neirama

We’re pleased to announce that Hermann Chanthabouasy has appointed Henrik Neirama as Waldec Group’s new CEO effective immediately.

Henrik’s appointment is a clear reflection of the company’s direction: excited and ready for new challenges and determined to ensure continued customer success. Our aim is to gain an even stronger market position in the Nordic and Baltic countries by constantly exploring options to better support our customers with their industrial needs. Sustainable development is the future, and we are eager to help create solutions. There is enormous opportunity for Waldec Group that lies ahead, and we couldn’t be happier with Henrik taking the lead.

Henrik is not new to the company having served as the CFO since June 2020. The transition from CFO to CEO happened gradually. Over the past year Henrik has shown effective leadership skills by consistently exceeding operational and financial goals. With a 27 % growth in revenue throughout the first half of the year, 2021 has surely treated us well so far. Waldec Group aims for an annual 20% growth in sales and hopes to achieve 10 million euros in sales by the end of 2023. The future looks very promising.

Hermann Chanthabouasy, our former CEO of Waldec Group, will be taking a step back in the daily operations. As chairman and owner of the company, he will be monitoring the company’s profitability and stability. However, he will always be looking for new potential markets together with current and new suppliers!

We are ready for the next phase of growth. We are confident that Henrik is the perfect person to lead us into the future.