Mäder pressen GmbH

Mäder pressen is one of the leading German manufacturers of hand-operated and compressed air presses. The presses are manufactured exclusively in Mäder’s own factory with high production intensity. This is crucial for their high precision, reliability and quality.

Mäder has always been a family-run business. The company started out in the 1950’s, originally founded by Karl Mäder and in the late 1960’s it was taken over by his sons Willy and Helmut Mäder. In 1988 the company was sold to Niels Piper, and in 2009 the second generation of the Piper-family took control of the business.

The key to Mäder pressen’s success is their focus on the customers’ needs by continuously further improving and refining their products. The multitude of the presses’ equipment options and their combinations enables the operator to select suitable presses without complex and cost-intensive special constructions for every application.

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Available in: Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania


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